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from the St. Paul Pioneer Press:

The ritual feeding of a huge kiln in Goodhue County has become a tradition for potters and friends.

The Form and Function of Featherstone Pottery

All art forms originated from utilitarian roots. And many of them still servecanisters2 to inform, to teach, to communicate, to entertain or to beautify. And while pottery can do all of these things, it still clings tenaciously to its traditional verb form…to do.

Pottery lies within the realm of functional arts. To see Featherstone pottery is to understand its purpose. Like making wood furniture or blacksmithing, hand thrown pottery or stoneware is the ultimate blending of beauty and function.

And while creating their own path, Potters Tom and Jeff Larkin tell us Featherstone Pottery today is rooted in thousands of years of pottery traditions…

The Featherstone Farm


Rich tradition lies at the heart of Featherstone Farm. Art, food, and the land blend seamlessly in the Featherstone family history, rooted in the soft, brown clay beneath Red Wing, Minnesota.

The history of Featherstone Farm and Pottery begins in 1858, the year that Minnesota became the 32nd state of the Union…

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